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Best 3 Ways to Bring People to Share Your Brand Event on Social Media

Knowing that social media walls are the flavor that’s here to stay for long for brands and businesses, here today we’re discussing how people can be a catalyst to leverage your brand event on social media.

Social media walls can be quoted as the supreme tool for the modern-day brand and business that’s opinioned to make maximal use of digital advertising and marketing and further user-generated content to expand its footfall on the globe. Reach the global market by making the most out of social media walls for your brand events.

Create an event that focuses on your brand image, boosts its product sale, generates conversions and amplifies clientage. Showcase your brand on social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Get people to talk about your brand event, promote your event, socialize with you and publicize it as their very own.

It’s exceptionally common that people post pictures, share experiences, share videos, etc. online on social media to project a particular idea and experience on their social profiles. Draw people to get to share about your brand, its event and more. Como baixar GB Whatsapp 2020


How? Why will people do it unless they’re given a sufficient reason to do it?

Let’s explore-


If the reply is in denial, then hunt around for one creative photo booth and install it in your brand event. Give people a muse to stop by, click pictures and upload them to their social media using the brand’s hashtag or social handle. People like seeing corners and sections decked craftily and creatively with colors, props, and lighting and love making memories and moments thereby further willing to share it to the brand’s handle. Let them stop by, snap pictures and post them. Familiarize the brand hashtag to audiences to let them post accordingly. Now, a social media display, oftentimes known as a social media signage with the power of the ‘aggregate’ feature of social media walls, extracts all posts by the hashtag and compiles them artistically to give the brand a creative social wall.


Now it’s quite common yet again to encourage people to click their brand experiences and moments and share them in return for a hearty giveaway or a reward like saying a paid weekend getaway or free tickets to the brand event etc. Design competitions in such a way that encourages people to snap more, share more and publicize more which is promised with exciting rewards. Sense the excitement?

And the abundance of user-generated content that you’ll receive is countless with such competitions let us tell you. Everyone will be busy to get the right shot in expectation of a generous gift.


Now, when you have user-generated content and a great follower base, go ahead and install a social media signage at your brand event and also at strategic locations inside it. Display the social media live feed of your brand with its unique hashtag. Aggregate all the posts and channelize them to the social media feed wall or the social media wall for your website with the simple social media display tool. A social media signage at their entrance, in the lunch area or in the corridors will work wonders. This amplifies the public engagement, values follower inputs and gives you a visually engaging wall that stays forever on the web.

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