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How to use creative Bet Sizing in poker online?

Poker is a game of options and creativity. And in case of playing the game online many factors play different roles. One such factor is bet size. There are many ways to use bet size as your tactic while playing the game of poker online.


If a player plays poker with a fixed limit, then he tends to play with similar bet sizes more often. This is good but not for all reasons and seasons. In such a scenario a player becomes predictable. If you fail to take complete advantage then it can hurt you in the long run. Moreover, most of your opponents will be expecting a big or similar size bet and if you vary it then you can confuse them


If you introduce under betting and over betting into your game, you can think deeply about hands you have. Also you can make your opponents think about your strategy. This would force your opponents to be in a new situation without any practice or exposure.


In this article, we are going to mention many uses of unconventional betting. Thus if you read can add new dimensions to your playbook. We only suggest approaching the game of poker online with an open mindset. Also play with a broader understanding of tactics and options you have.

Over betting


If a player plays a bet of an amount higher than the size of the pot then it would be a clear example of over betting. This is not a suitable option in limited pot games. Usually, big bets are much harder to play against in comparison to smaller bets. With over bet size you can have a subtle edge over your opponents irrespective of the position, hands or skills. Mostly over betting results in either a raise to your bet or to fold. Hence if you have good hands then you would fancy your chances because the pot size will increase. And if any of your opponents fold their hands after you’re over betting then you chance to win the pot automatically increases. To be true over betting players use to induce a call and it is commonly used in online poker games.

Under betting


In simple words, if you bet equivalent to less than half of the pot then one can consider it an under bet. This is somehow more difficult to learn and implement as compared to over betting. It is a tricky affair. But it is a less risky alternative strategy in comparison to over betting, as you rick a limited amount of money in this. A player can best use it among observing opponents who are trying to read your game at situs online poker. This is why you should be careful and do not take it too far. To balance this, a player can play small bet in poker online. One should restrict him from playing any monster bet.

Moreover, these are the two best and commonly used bet size varying tactics that are prevalent in the game. Once player learn the basics of playing the game then a player can definitely put his efforts to learn these.

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